In the 16. century, a young count Friderik Herbestein from the castle Hrastovec fell in love with a young beautiful girl Agata from Štralek. Friderik’s mother didn’t like the fact that the two were dating. Although Agata was from a noble family, they were quite poor and her family wasn’t as noble as Friderik’s. They got married secretly, but unfortunately count Friderik had to go to war. His mother found out about Agata and Friderik and she decided to revenge. She captured Agata and closed her in the castle. She tortured Agata although she was pregnant with Friderik’s child. When Agata gave birth to a dead child, Friderik’s mother accused her of being a witch. Friderik’s mother wanted Agata to be burnt as a witch and at the end Agata was beheaded. At the place where she died, Friderik built a black cross of black marble after he returned from the war. Friderik never married again.

The black cross still stands near Lenart and it reminds us of eternal love between Friderik and Agata.

Eva Kaučič

Ivana Šavli

Vita Majcenovič

Maša Žibek

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